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In the early Nineteen Seventies, Bokkos Stallworth is employed because the 1st black officer within the urban center, Colorado local department. Stallworth is at the start assigned to figure within the records area, wherever he faces racial slurs from his coworkers. Stallworth requests a transfer to travel hush-hush, and is assigned to infiltrate an area rally at that national civil rights leader Kwame Ture is to offer a speech. At the rally, Stallworth meets Patrice author, the president of the black edifice at Colorado faculty. whereas taking Ture to his building, Patrice is stopped by lawman Andy Landers, a corrupt, racist officer in Stallworth’s city district, UN agency threatens Ture and sexually assaults Patrice.


After the rally, Stallworth is reassigned to the intelligence division. whereas reading the paper, he finds an advert to affix the Unq Klux Klan. Stallworth calls and pretends to be a adult male, and speaks with director Breachway, the president of the urban center chapter. Stallworth recruits his soul coworker, Flip Zimmerman, to act as him so as to fulfill the Unq Klux Klan members face to face. Zimmerman attends a gathering and meets director, in conjunction with the additional radicalized member Felix Kendrickson. Zimmerman additionally speaks with another member named Ivanhoe, UN agency enigmatically refers to Associate in Nursing future attack.


Zimmerman and Stallworth still cultivate their relationship with the native Klan chapter. business Klan headquarters in American state to expedite his membership, Stallworth speaks with David Duke, the Grand Wizard, with whom he begins regular conversations on the phone. Kendrickson suspects Zimmerman being soul, and plans to form him take a medical instrument check at gun muzzle, however Stallworth throws a rock through the Kendrickson family window to distract everybody. Stallworth begins chemical analysis Patrice, however doesn’t tell her that he’s a policeman. once passing on info to the military Criminal Investigation Command concerning active duty members, he learns from a gathering with Associate in Nursing government man that 2 of the chapter’s members ar military personnel stationed at NORAD headquarters.


Duke visits urban center for Stallworth’s induction into the Klan; over the important Stallworth’s protests, he’s assigned to a protection detail for Duke. once Zimmerman, masquerading as Stallworth, is initiated, Felix’s married person Connie leaves the ceremony to position a bomb at Patrice’s house throughout a civil rights rally. Stallworth realizes her intentions and alerts native law enforcement officials. engaged on Felix’s backup arrange, Connie tries to plant the bomb in Patrice’s mailbox; finding that it’ll not match, she leaves it underneath Patrice’s automobile instead. Stallworth tackles her as she tries to escape, however clothed officers detain and beat him over his protests that he’s operating hush-hush. Felix, Ivanhoe, and bomb maker Walker (who had recognized Zimmerman from a previous arrest and conviction) arrive and park next to Patrice’s automobile. They go off the bomb, not knowing wherever Connie had hidden it, and ar killed within the explosion. Zimmerman arrives and frees Stallworth, and Connie is inactive. whereas celebrating the closed case that night, Stallworth wears a hidden electro-acoustic transducer and tricks a intoxicated Landers into bragging concerning his assault on Patrice; with the confession on tape, Landers is inactive.


Police Chief Bridges congratulates the team for his or her roaring operation, however orders them to finish it and keep all details from the general public. As he’s packing up, Stallworth receives one last decision from Duke. Stallworth reveals to Duke that he’s a blackamoor before hanging up as Zimmerman and therefore the others watch on, happy at their conclusion. Later, Patrice and Stallworth discuss their future along, solely to be interrupted by a play the door. Through the window, they see an oversized flaming cross on a far off slope encircled by Klan members.

The film closes with footage from the 2017 Unite the proper rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, as well as footage of the white supremacists, David Duke giving a speech to the attendees, counter-protesters, the automobile attack, and President Trump’s statements once the events. The film ends with a memorial to Heather Heyer, the automobile attack victim, Associate in Nursingd an turned Old Glory, that fades to black and white.

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