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Mile 22 Movie

American black operations agent James timber leads a strike team code-named Overwatch to infiltrate a Russian FSB refuge within the u. s.. below the management of James Bishop, Overwatch’s mission is to find and destroy shipments of metal before the extremely hot substance will be weaponized to kill thousands. The team with success kills the occupants, whereas AN Overwatch member is shot dead and Alice Kerr is wounded.

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In the early Nineteen Seventies, Bokkos Stallworth is employed because the 1st black officer within the urban center, Colorado local department. Stallworth is at the start assigned to figure within the records area, wherever he faces racial slurs from his coworkers. Stallworth requests a transfer to travel hush-hush, and is assigned to infiltrate an area rally at that national civil rights leader Kwame Ture is to offer a speech.